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Project Description
Sandboxed web part for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint On-Line which allows you to pick an Excel file, and a named chart from within.

This web part uses ExcelRest to retrieve charts from an Excel file. The web part is very much alike the Excel Access Web Part, but you don't have to manually input the named chart, but will be able to pick it from a list.

The solution includes a site scope feature, and the web part will reside in a category named "mAdcOW".

Future Support
- Support for named cell regions
- Support for named pivot charts

I originally created this as a full trust solution for a customer who didn't have SharePoint Enterprise license. When using Office Web Apps with SharePoint, ExcelREST calls are routed over to it, instead of using Excel Services which is part of the Enterprise license.

My next idea was to create this as an App, which was well under way, until ExcelRest stopped working in App webs. Therefor I release this as a sandboxed solution to the public. Time will tell if I rework it to remove the sandboxed compiled code, which we should stay away from as we don't know when it will be completely deprecated in SPO.

I think you should be able to re-compile the code for 2010 as well.

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